01 February 2014

time warp

And then it was February and somehow three months since I last sat down to write about this little life of mine.

I recently received the nicest, kindest email from a friend and reader who told me about a fun little recipe that I posted her a few years ago that has become a big part of her world.  It was quite possibly the best email that one could receive.  Even Topher 'awww'-ed.

I have no really good reason for abandoning this little space of interwebs I call my own.  I just did.  And now I'm back. Let's settle at that, yes?

In my absence, I have gotten a job, fell into a great routine with it, returned to my natural hair roots (phew!), and made some other crazy monumental life changes that we're waiting to hear from the bank about (new house, here we come?!?!).  That's quite a bit for one gal to handle as she is also adjusting to eating buckets of cheese again, and I've kind of been in ...stasis mode.  Not quite facing all the swirling changes happening and just putting one foot in front of the other.  But happily plodding along, if that counts!

I've reached that point in culture re-adjusting where I miss Cambodia.  I miss pork and rice for breakfast and our host family and even sampots (those culturally-appropriate, long, drape-like skirts I wore every day for two years).  I am so happy to be 'home' but I am so eager to continue this life of exploration.  (That sentence there has been written on a few thousand blogs, I just know it.)

I've been so tired lately after settling into working an actually work week again, and that's left me little time for the things I enjoy- like baking!  But I've recently begun testing the butter and sugar waters again, and even made some shortbread with lemon curd the other day for work.  The lemon curd lost its tanginess while cooking, but other than that, they were pretty good.  I'll fine-tune the recipe and then be back to share with you all!

Finally, Google+ makes fun collages of my iPhone pictures and I shamelessly love them.  Below is one it compiled from pics from 2013…so here's a tiny summarization of what life, this-gal style, looks like.



  1. YAY! You're back! It's great to see you posting again -- and with so much big news! Can't wait to catch up sometime soon. Sending you and Topher good vibes and happy Cambodian memories. Let's plan for a reunion in the near future.

  2. Yay - glad to see you're back! I'll be hoping for good news from the bank, after our own stressful homebuying process, I know just how difficult that can be. Can't wait to hear more about this new job - which I'm sure you are a rockstar at - and what else you're up to!

  3. yesss!!! i was just wondering what you were up to. glad to hear things are going pretty well and that you're settling back into a routine.