30 October 2013

This is twenty eight.

I really like to write about my birthday.  I rarely seem to do so ON my actual day of birth?  Here's to a first.

Five minutes ago, I made Topher take twenty pictures with me.


"To capture twenty-eight, of course! Who I am, right now, today!"

Here are the best of the bunch, of my little family, on this little birthday:

Yes, it is sad and hilarious that the best photos include one with Boomer not looking at the camera (let's be real, computer. I didn't bust out the DSLR here, folks), and the final goofy one.  That pretty much sums up me, and us, at the nice round age of twenty-eight.

Today I ate SUSHI! for the first time since returning the U.S. No words.

Today I visited my heart's favorite place (Bmore!), my former office and co-workers.  Actually, kind of the best birthday gift ever.

Today I will finally cut into the caramel apple that has been staring at me for the past two days. Yes, the marshmallows have hardened a bit but I don't care! (I love it!)

Today I will make a wish on two scrumptious cupcakes Topher picked up from my favorite cupcakery last night, and those wishes will be nothing about employment or otherwise.

Today I will wish for peace and happiness.  For myself and those around me.  And allow myself to have both, in this moment, on this day, exactly where I am and who I am and who I am with.

And so: peace and happiness unto you friends, from me to you, on this birthday of mine! Let's all celebrate!

And one more, for posterity.


  1. Happy birthday! I always like reading your birthday updates. :)

  2. HAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY! Also - what's your necklace? It kinda looks like a dinosaur? (I mean that in the nicest way possible, I'm just giggling about you wearing a dino necklace)