14 October 2013

happy october fourteenth.

I am having a small bit of trouble getting back into the writing swing.  Thusly, here I am, typing letters in an attempt to create a coherent thought, or stream thereof.  Bear with us, here, folks.

America has been my current address now for a solid five weeks.  I have been truly enjoying the time with no official work.  The government shutdown has deeply affected our state and general area, and us personally, as a short term opportunity with Peace Corps was slated to begin last Monday (but didn't) for me, and Chris is in a standstill with all of the applications and processes he had going for jobs within various branches and agencies of the federal government. C'est la vie (?)

Without bringing too much woe, last week was not my highest week, emotionally.  There was some personal/family stuff that brought me down, which, coupled with work that didn't begin, had me unusually quiet.  Pretty sure Topher didn't know what to do with me for a large part of last week, but it seems to have passed like a little grey cloud.

There is a lot that I am loving about fall and being in the United States.  One of those things are these gifs that Google+ automatically makes when I back up my photos.  They are hilarity unto me, and shall be deposited on this blog for posterity.

First, me and the Boom:

Second, me, the Boom and Irene (fellow RPCV friend and new Maryland resident):

So, being blonde is also a thing.  Mainly, an expensive thing.  Chris could not understand why I took three hours to review area salons and finally select one.  But there is something about knowing you are going to be paying a lot of money for someone dyeing a quarter inch of hair around your entire scalp that makes a person want to be sure they're giving their money to the right person, you know?

(No.  I didn't really know this was a thing I had to consider until very recently, when I made the decision to strip my hair of all natural color.  Apparently, millions of American women deal with these decisions frequently. I feel like I've joined a new club: the Faux Blonde Club.  Jury is still out on whether I am gleefully flaunting my new membership or furtively ducking my head.  It's really a person-to-person kind of thing.  You understand.)

So, I did eventually settle on a salon and a woman, in particular, and with this [ridiculously] expensive salon appointment came a free glass of wine.  At three in the afternoon. I don't care.

Also among the things I am loving are this dog, having her to hang out with every day while I do nothing very important things, and this picture in particular:

Oh, and I am really loving wine.  I am pretty sure I had a glass every single day last week.  And it was fabulous.

Please to partake of a list of your favorite things currently?

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  1. I love the blond hair on you! I am a natural blond, but often I think dyed blonds look better! : ) Sorry the shutdown is monkeying with your schedule. Hope the hacks in DC figure their ish out soon and get us back in business!