21 September 2013

A Vlog for the Weekend

Cheers to your weekend! I knocked this vlog together this Saturday night (wild things happening here at the home of Kate and Topher, as you can tell) and hope you'll enjoy it, if you please.

It's mostly a rambling of nothings, like how I'm feeling two weeks after my arrival back in the U.S., what I'll be doing tomorrow (Sunday) and when you can expect to see pup Boomer's face 'round these parts!

So, how are you?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kate-I've been a reader for years. I think my first comment came about when you put up the recipe for homemade oreos a few years ago, and I asked you about altitude adjustments. People LOVE those cookies, BTW! I cannot believe that you're on the other end of your Peace Corps adventure. It's great to "see" you via vlogging. I am also a spend-7-hours-on-Sunday-watching-football kind of girl. I have two fantasy teams....one is in first place out of twelve, the other is in last place out of twelve! I hope your team finally got the W this past week. Sending warm wishes from California (although before you left the US I was in Denver):-). -Eve in San Diego