05 February 2013

apparently, it's february.

It really is, it's February! Which is nuts, man, just nuts!  The arrival of the shortest month passed me by, literally, as I spent the day biking about 100 kilometers (60 miles) to nearby Kampot town.  We had a holiday from school due to the 100 day funeral and cremation of the King Father, Sihanouk. 

Our original plan for the weekend included what might be our final trip to Siem Reap before we had home later this year, but that was derailed when we were given a travel restriction through Phnom Penh.  The capital city was expecting a couple million people for the funeral, making movement around the city nearly impossible.

So instead we opted to bike, once again, to Kampot.

I don't know why.

It's a beast of a trip, and I can officially declare that I may not be built for long distance biking.

We stopped a number of times, including the one documented here, which was about stop #5 for us, when we were about 10 kilometers outside of our destination.

I. Was. Beat.

But the rewards of the trip are immediately visible when I sat down to this breakfast Saturday morning:

A book, pancakes with real butter, and a coca cola.  Yeppers, pretty much my definition of satisfaction.

I am really going to miss these pumpkin pancakes!

Sunday involved more eating and lounging and not working on the beast of a grant proposal that I am preparing for our second Camp GLOW, which was a poor decision in terms of time management, but a great decision in terms of general weekend enjoyment!

Monday dawned bright and early (for Chris, who woke up in time to see the entire first half) as we sat down to enjoy the Superbowl!  This game was the bee's knees for me, as I've officially decided that the Ravens are my team.  Which sounds so very bandwagon-y, but really, I've been defending Bmore for years (Charm City, baby!), so it's only appropriate that I fully embrace all aspects of the town's sports.  So, go purple it shall forevermore be from me!

I didn't bring a purple shirt with me to Cambodia, so a purple headband had to suffice.  Chris was far too interested in the actual game to be concerned about showing colors, but he was rooting for the winners for the majority of the game (halfway through, muttering something about wanting it to be more exciting? well, got your wish, didn't you sir Topher?!).

And, I mean, Beyonce? And DESTINY'S CHILD? Made. My. Life. It really did.

And even though the next two images are blurry, my hardcore football fan-ness should be noted because:

A) I even had purple nail polish!;

2) I ordered bacon and cheese potato skins for breakfast (it was 8:30 AM!) instead of waiting to go get more pumpkin pancakes, just so the whole thing could have a Superbowl party feel; 


C) there was no book in sight. No book, I tell you!

Bring it on, February! I may not have much disposable money left after that delicious weekend, but I'm ready!


  1. SISTERS!! You will miss it, I miss it so much. Maybe I'll start experimenting with making them at home. P.S.!! We've been talking about doing Hal's internship in Washington DC next summer, so he might be out for a 3 day visit sometime this summer. And you'll be home in July?!

    1. this is amazing! we'd love to see the Halster and you (maybe?!)

      and yes, can you believe it?!?!?!

  2. You are hilarious! And oh my gosh- 60 miles?! Crazy girl! I do 15 and my butt hurts for days- mad props :)

    1. i am insane. i don't know why i've done it twice. but my seat is larger than a typical bike in the US so it's less painful on the bum, lol :)

  3. Loving this giant catch-up/weekend mash-up you've got going on. Can I tell you that I think it's amazing you ordered potato skins at 8am - that is some serious Ravens support if I've ever seen it. Tell me there was a regular Coke to go with them?

    And it is totally okay that you don't have much disposable money left because February is the shortest month! Or that's what I tell myself when my budget looks awful after January :)

    1. ha ha, i appreciate your support of my potato skins! i had a coca light to enjoy with them and it was worth it! you know me too well :)