25 January 2013

we just don't do that: a cultural comparison

Happy Friday!  This weekend, the Acting Director of Peace Corps is in town, and I may even get the chance to meet her!  I'm off to join Chris in Phnom Penh bright and early tomorrow morning, after spending the evening attending a wedding of one of his colleagues here in his stead.

I've had this post in drafts for six months at least now, and I finally took the time to put it in an interesting format and share with it you.

These are my reflections on lines of politeness here in Cambodia, versus those in America.  This is definitely NOT an exhaustive list and certainly not an 'absolute truth' kind of list.  It's more of what I've noticed or been told as compared to how we do things, politeness wise, in America.

I've tried to break it down into an easily understood chart.  You can assume that if there is not a star in one country's column, it is not a common practice and the opposite, you can safely assume, happens all the time. I'll leave it at that!

Anything surprise you?


  1. I love this kt-style infographic! More please!

  2. I love this! Do you mind if I use for my Culture & Psych class?

    1. of course not! how fun! glad it might be useful :)

    2. also, the line "discuss facial features..." should have a star under cambodia. totally just noticed that error, dang it!

    3. awesome! I'll note that change and definitely be using this. It'll be a starter for them to start considering other cultures and countries as well! Thanks!