26 December 2012

the longest lasting gift, ever.

One more thank you.


Dear Paige and Michael,

I mean, first off, thanks for flying nine thousand miles to traipse around with us in the 'bode this past summer.

It was pretty rockin'.

Also, though, thank you for the dozens of cards you purchased, wrote in, bought sweet little gifts for, packaged up and sent us for our two years living as PCVs.

These little cards have been, quite simply, amazing.

We opened one right as we left.

We've opened ones on our birthdays, on our wedding anniversary, on Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day and on the one year anniversary of us leaving the U.S.

It's become quite the tradition for us.  Chris reminds me we have a significant date coming up and I get the card out of it's trusty bag and set it on on our desk, awaiting it's opening a few days later.

From new underwear to moleskin notebooks to iTunes gift cards, it's always a surprise what's inside. And best of all, your words, written months in advance, are always hilarious and touching.

And we love that you each signed each and every one, just for us.

We've managed to save the ones for when we're sick or sad, though we probably could have used them a large number of times already.  But we always say- it could be worse! Better save it just in case!
So thank you, dear friends.  These cards are an amazing reminder of you, your friendship, and will also be amazing mementos from our time here.

Thank you.


  1. This is legitimately the most amazing gift. I am so impressed by your friends! Glad you've been enjoying it throughout your time there.

  2. Oh so fun to see all these again! You're so very welcome, my dear, dear friend :)