27 December 2012

{give} and that was christmas

What a Christmas it was, too!  From a Christmas party with our community English class where we gave away lots of fun items we've been sent from America, to a glorious dinner and celebration with our province mates, with a weekend just the two of us and a curry dinner with lots of the gifts for the little ones with our host family thrown in, it was an amazing holiday season.

This year, we gave the gift of America's version of Christmas to many of the Cambodians we know and love!


A photo essay, of sorts, of our Christmas 2012.

Amazing youth.
we heart kampot.
I made most of this! Three cheers for Kate!
probably my favorite from the many, many we took. genuine christmas laughter.
Wrapping gifts is a personal favorite pastime. Even if I have to use yellow duct tape.
What more could a girl ask for?

How was your Christmas?

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