28 December 2012

and I think he will make cute babies, too, so there's that

It may be a bit of a skewed depiction, as it's a conversation that happened just a few days ago, but it's a memorable conversation nonetheless, and one that I did, in fact,  have this year.

It is memorable it's non-memorableness, as it is the same exact conversation I seem to have every single week, often times with the same people, like the little savory cake seller at the market who loves my nose, or the teachers at my school that love to ask me, every day, if I'm going home to cook lunch, even though they know I'm not.

But this conversation ended on a note that seems to sum up all that I feel and speaks to why I love to have it, even when it's exhausting and repetitive and seemingly unending.

So there's that.

And here's the conversation.


The setting: 
Our tiled porch/entryway, midday.  In my hand, an electrified battery-powered mosquito racket in hand.  In my host mother's, a broom made of long grass, wrapped in colorful plastic along the handle.

The mission: 
To kill as many disease killing, blood sucking little biotches as we can so they don't escape into our house and bite me.  Which they will, if allowed. Never Chris. Always me.

Host Mother: Oh, you are killing mosquitoes? Here, let me help you.  I will shake the plants and you can kill them.

Me: Thank you!

*sounds of hundreds of mosquitoes being electrocuted*

Host Mother: Where is Chris?

Me: He is inside.  We are having several friends over to eat dinner to celebrate Christmas.  He is preparing the food.

Host Mother: Oh, ha ha, he is such a good husband.  He knows how to cook!

Me: Oh, I know!  I am very lucky to have a husband like him.

Host Mother: Very lucky!  In Cambodia, men do not know how to cook and the wife has to do everything. It is not very happy and it is very exhausting for the women.

Me: Oh, yes, I have seen that.

Host Mother: I think I like how in America men and women both know how to cook and share the duties of the home.

Me: Oh yes, me too!  I think it is easier that way for the family to be happy and healthy.

Host Mother: Oh, ha ha, yes.

Me: I am very lucky though. Not all American men like to or know how to cook.  But when I met Chris nine years ago, I thought to myself: He is handsome! He is funny! He has a good heart! He knows how to cook!  And I think he will make cute babies! So I should marry him!

Host Mother: Oh, ha ha, that is funny!  And so true! Ha ha.  Ok, we have killed the mosquitoes.  I will sweep them now.

Me: Ha ha.  Thank you.  I will go help Chris cook now.


And, it should be noted, for the record, that I actually really did help Chris cook.  I made the potatoes, and the carrots, and boiled the beans for him to finish.  And it was delicious, it was!


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