26 December 2012

a big thanks, to everyone

They say that a Peace Corps Volunteer cannot accomplish anything alone.  Usually, this refers to the support a PCV seeks to earn from the community in which they live in their new home.

And yet, it's even more clear to me, seventeen (exactly!) months into my service, that I could not do my job and accomplish my and my community's goals without my family and friends who support me and my work back at home in America.

So, here's that thank you letter I've been writing in my head every single day for the past 520 days, give or take:

Dear Parents, Parents-in-law, Siblings and Siblings-in-law, Uncles and Uncles-in-law, Cousins and Cousins-in-law, Neighbors, Friends from College, Friends from High School, Friends from my Teaching Days in Baltimore, Friends from TFA in Baltimore, and Friends of friends of any of these groups who have sent a smile my way these past months, 

Thank you.  From the deepest trench of the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much.  Your intentional physical, emotional, financial and mental support has made the difference between a frustrating, lonely, sad year-and-a-half of service and a successful, less-frustrating, supportive, joyful year-and-a-half of service.

Many of you have spent the time and money to send me (and really, us) gifts, small and large, through the insanity that is the postal service in the U.S. and Cambodia.  Even if that package or letter took three months to arrive, I thank you.

Many of you have contributed financially to both our work projects and our play.  They have, quite literally, meant that I have been able to do things like my Camp GLOW and visit VietnamI thank you.

All of you have, in some way or another, helped me because of something you said via facebook or email that made me laugh. Helped me because of something you said before I left that I remember on one of my many long bus rides around this country.  Or  helped me because of something you did while eating dinner one night that reminds me why I, and we, chose to leave our home, our puppy, our family and our friends for uncertainty and unknown possibilities. 

  I thank you.

All my love, 

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