20 November 2012

oh, yum

the image above is that of one of our water filter's "candles."  these ceramic candles allow water to be absorbed but refuse any other permeation- from dirt to bugs, and everything in between.

the ceramic candles are typically a nice warm white color.

for a long while, our candles didn't need cleaning all that often.  but recenly, chris has had to clean the candles twice in three weeks.

the image above is, in fact, from just three weeks of use.  three weeks was all it took to render our normally-white candles to the rainbow of browns above.

makes one feel so great about the quality of water, doesn't it? especially for the majority of cambodians who don't have access to filter or can't afford to purchase all of their water, and must resort to drinking water straight from the nearest available source.

during this week wherein we americans typically seek to remind ourselves to be thankful, please take a moment to be thankful for that which i am grateful and which so many people around the world do not have: access to clean water. 

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