21 November 2012

being married in the peace corps

for the past two weeks, the newest group of volunteers has been back at our site for an additional two weeks of training.  one evening, a dinner for the married couples of the newest group was arranged, and chris and i were invited.

something i've been aware of for the past sixteen months which truly solidified at the dinner is this:

it's pretty dang awesome being married in the peace corps.

and because it's a week to truly remind ourselves to be thankful for those things which we are graced with, i must admit:

i am incredibly grateful to be married in the peace corps, and grateful for all that it brings.

october 30, 2011. three months into the peace corps.
for me, being married in cambodia, in the peace corps, has meant having someone with me every day who deeply understands the frustrations, joys, setbacks and leaps forward that come with serving a whole new community in a whole new culture.

it has meant supporting one another and lifting one another up when needed most.

it has meant chris knowing when i've had a rough day and surprising me with the smallest things to help me smile.

it has meant someone to lay down next to each night, sweat through the sleeping hours with, and rise cursing the same rooster every morning for sixteen months.

it has meant having an intelligent, kind, handsome man to stand up for me in public when i don't fit the mold of a proper cambodian woman and help me in private when i still can't cook.

it has meant someone to give me my space when i need it, and have the conversations with our host family or others when i just don't feel up for it.

it has meant growing our marriage and our bond in ways i never could have imagined sixteen short months ago and giving ourselves a foundation of deep respect, understanding, and communication that i doubt we would have had otherwise.

october 30, 2012.  fifteen months into the peace corps.


  1. Is it ok if I give an AMEN? I tell people that I really don't think I would have done the Peace Corps by myself, but being married and having that built in support system makes doing PC awesome.

    1. i totally agree. we are both lucky women!